Hi Everyone,

Welcome to CAPSS!!!

This year I am excited to lead a fantastic team of amazing people who are sure bring many exciting events over the next 12 months! My goal for this year is to make CAPSS more visible, more sustainable and a better home for students with an interest in the Asia and the Pacific.

As well organising great academic, social and networking events, my priorities have been improving our societies relationship with the College itself and trying to build the sense of student community at ANU. If you have ideas for what direction you’d like CAPSS to go in the future let us know!

I’m a bit of an introvert, except when it comes to chatting about anything Asia Pacific so feel free to message me over Facebook, send me an email at capss@anu.edu.au, or strike up a conversation with me on campus.

Look forward to seeing you all at our events over the next year an in the future!

Dominic Harvey-Taylor
President of CAPSS 2019.