This has been a year of rebirth for CAPSS. It hasn’t just been a name change from APSS to CAPSS, this year has seen us make some fundamental structural changes that future committees and our members will see the benefits of for years.


In 2013, we have almost totally rewritten the constitution to keep the society up to date and make it more functional. We’ve identified and remedied some key structural weakness. We have kept all the old events going and built on newer ones and we have plans to create more events that will cater to both your social needs and educational ones. This is the year in which Monsoon has begun to grow and has been able to become a separate sister entity. We hope it will become the inclusive space of sharing it has set out to be.


We have cemented our role as CAP’s student society and been heavily involved in the planning and creation of the new CAP Student Centre. Finally, a one-stop shop for all your administrative needs! We are continuing to be involved in the evolution of this project and are busy assisting in the planning of the CAP Student Space that Coombs will hold, probably from May next year. It will be somewhere for you to heat up your lunch, get coffee, work on assignments, charge an iPod or just meet up with friends. All the CAP student societies will have offices there and you’ll be able to talk to the ANUSA fac reps there too. Honours students will have a dedicated space and it really will be the hub of CAP student activity.


The 2014 committee will begin on strong foundations. They will be able to grow and develop 2013’s events and ideas without worrying about the things that held us back and without having to struggle to gain institutional recognition.


So, to our dear members, diligent committee members and the wonderful Monsoon team, thank you for your work and support this year.


As 2013 was a year of rebirth, so this retiring President hopes that 2014 will be a year of growth.

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